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Situated on the village of Kalamos in Kythera island, Filio Tavern is one of the very few Kytherian restaurants that serve home-made style Greek and Kytherian specialities. 
Filio Tavern opened in June 1998 in the village Kalamos of Kythira island. In an indifferent architectural village and 2 km away from the sea, we dared, against the "comments" and "advices" of that time.
We built a tavern "inside" the natural environment where animals and plants live and grow and the raw materials that after proper treatment end up in our customer's dish. This process was not something strange to us. This is the rural everyday life, the true life of the earth people living from its products. Olive oil, wheat, wine, vegetables, roosters, lambs, rabbits, eggs, milk, herbs. All these, from the pot of our house, to the casserole of our tavern.


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Kalamos, 80100
Kythera Greece


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